About Us

When I was 10 years old, I used to sit with my brother Reece and look at mini ramps on ebay thinking we could get one as a joint birthday/christmas present. Many memories setting up manny pads out of old doors/ pallets, shredding the flat bar and the 2ft wedge ramp that our dad made for us. 
We never got the mini ramp and we still haven't.

The Ramp Supply Co came about in April 2018 when I wanted to build myself a mini ramp. I had come across Keen Ramps on Instagram and their ramps were all that I could think about. Unfortunately they don't ship to the UK and I couldn't even afford to build a mini ramp for myself. Being a carpenter I compromised and built a grind box and a couple of kickers and started taking them out to skate with my friends.
The ramps brought the hype where ever we took them, we made an Instagram account and decided to start selling ramps to others that wanted them but maybe didn't have the time or the tools for the job.  Josh and myself (pictured) have travelled all over the UK skating, taking the ramps with us everywhere we went. He has played a huge part in making The Ramp Supply Co what it is today and we have some exciting plans for the future.

This all started so we could skate.
Never thought it would be what it is now.
Now we have a dream.
You should hear our plans for the future.
Not sales, not money.
Skateboarding. Always.