How It All Started

At a young age, Ryan (pictured on the right) was introduced to skateboarding by his older brother Reece. His brother would take him out skating local street spots, setting up manny pads and sketchy transition out of old doors, pallets and scrap plywood. They would spend hours searching for mini ramps online, trying to convince their parents to get them one as a joint birthday and Christmas present.
There weren’t many ramp companies around back in 2002 and the mini ramps they found were really expensive. Their parents couldn't afford to
buy one so their dad built a flat bar and 2ft high wedge ramp for them to skate. They used to set the ramps up outside their house and take them down to different spots for everyone to skate.

Ryan went on to work with his dad from the age of 16 to 24. Starting off as a carpenter’s labour he picked up the trade over these years and later applied them to something he is passionate about. He still had the dream of having his own mini ramp and decided to pursue that dream again. He didn’t have any money or a place to store a mini ramp so he decided to build a few kickers, a grind box and a rail and started taking them out to a local spot with his friends.
Ryan and Josh (pictured) have travelled around the UK with a van full of ramps, skating with new friends from different scenes across the country. The ramps are finished to a high standard and received much praise. After testing the ramps and perfecting the design and construction, we set up an Instagram account and in 2018 The Ramp Supply Co was established and quickly gained an undeniable reputation for having the most durable, portable skate ramps on the market.
The Ramp Supply Co is a skateboarder-owned business with a wide range of obstacles to suit different styles and skill levels. We also offer services such as custom obstacle and skate park design, rental services and events.

Thank You Skateboarding ❤️


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